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Meet Caroline

Data Analyst
Dance Teacher
Woman in Tech

Caroline Betty Trennepohl Photo Girls can Mentor

My passion project is Girls C.A.N. I am the creator of this mentorship program because I experienced so much pressure in high school to know exactly what I wanted to do for the next 50+ years of my life. I was pushed to pursue a degree I didn't want, to go to a college I didn't want to go to and to be someone I was not in love with.

When I finally said, enough is enough I found a mentor who changed my life. Now, I am inspired to provide mentors to all young ladies who are searching for a new path. Girls need to know there is a vast array of career paths that are totally awesome, mind blowing and absolutely attainable. Girls need a seat at every table where decisions are being made. 


If any of this has resonated with you, I would love to hear from you!

Que the song, “Who Runs The World, Girls Girls!” haha I am so happy you are on this site! I hope you find a mentor today. 

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